HTML Web Design Techniques Can Help You

There are a number of different languages that you can use to design your web pages, but if you’re looking for search engines to spider your site and give you higher page rankings then stick with HTML.

When the search engines comes to examine your site it will begin by looking for these tags in your web pages and

the first tag is the beginning and the second tag is the end. Without these tags in your web pages the search engine won’t know which language your website is using.

The head tags look like this and HEAD > in between these tags will be information regarding your site. There is one other element in the of the page and that is the Business Resources TITLE > tags this information will be at the beginning of your document when you open up your web page.

Search Engines also look for the information that is in your META tag data, your keywords go here and help the search engines to spider your site so they can give you a proper page rank. When choosing words for your Meta data be careful with spelling and choose your words wisely make sure the terms you use correspond with what your talking about in your page.

The body of your page is where your text goes your Articles if you like the body tags look like this and BODY > you can copy and paste text in between these tags. Make sure that the content here is keyword rich for the search engines to give you a good ranking.

Another important issue with HTML is frames avoid them like the plague because they will interfere with the search engine spiders it will be difficult to get you pages indexed.

If your going to use tables in your pages make sure that they don’t overlap each other, many web designers make this mistake when they attempt to publish a web page for the fist time. This will result in your HTML codes getting messed up within your site.

Media files look great on a web page. But they can give you problems if you don’t re size them properly. especially images that you insert into your pages. Offer thumbnails for easier viewing and always label your pictures.

There are several software programs that can help you build a website that will be search engine friendly and then you can just copy the code and paste it into your template.

Summary: In this article I have demonstrated just a few HTML commands that you need to know before building your own website. However you will need to get more training on this subject to be good at it, give yourself a lot of time to learn the techniques of web design.